Butterfly Snow Plough


FMG introduced a new series of butterfly snow ploughs in 2014. Our new butterfly ploughs consist of two areal plough wings, providing excellent snow throwing abilities on both sides, as well as optimal snow pushing for yards and terminals. The wing of the plough turns well to both sides, and snow can be thrown onto high banks at speeds as low as 15 – 20 km/h.

FMG has also introduced a new innovation on butterfly ploughs. The snow plough shoes can now be replaced with wheels, making it possible to adjust the blade just above the surface of the road and in this way conserve the blade and shoes. This feature is really useful when ploughing in the early winter or on asphalt roads.

The lower wing on the new series of FMG butterfly snow ploughs is straight, while the upper wing is angled horizontally forward, which allows the driving wind to clean the wing and helps throw the snow up onto the road bank. In addition, the new vizier on top of upper wing prevents snow from blowing onto the bonnet and windscreen.

The new hydraulic suspension acts like a shock absorber, effectively damping vibration from the road surface. In case of an obstacle, the cylinder piston goes forward together with the accumulator, and the correction back is performed easily with the basic hydraulics.

The standard angle of the blade is 45 degrees, which can be adjusted while driving by moving the suspension cylinder forwards or backwards. The adjustment of the suspension cylinder changes the vertical angle of the wing, thereby changing the snow throwing properties. The sensitivity of the hydraulic suspension can also be adjusted by means of the chock valve.

The new butterfly series is sturdy, making it suitable for bigger tractors and wheel loaders. The form-welded wings provide extra stiffness and the supports are sturdy. Despite the higher weight, the new ploughs are easy to handle due to a short plough body and a centre of gravity close to the adapter. Due to their optimal blade angle and wing curvature, the new ploughs are also easy to push, which benefits fuel consumption.

Floating the wing is controlled by the floating bar between the wing and the plough body. The wing itself is jointed with three lubricated and locked pins, and there are six plastic bearings for lateral movement. Plastic bearings help reduce wear and efficiently damp the drive noise of the plough. Turning the wing is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders with a diameter 80 mm, which enables stepless turning of 0 to 36 degrees to the right-hand side and 0 to 30 degrees to the left-hand side.

The snow plough is equipped with screw adjusted legs that enable precise height adjustment in 3 mm increments. Both legs are located close to the corners, giving the best possible precision in cleaning. The adjustment ranges of the legs are 300 mm, which is sufficient for all needs and blade types.

FMG ploughs are manufactured from high-grade steel. Ready-welded parts are washed with a hot pressure washer to clean the surface thoroughly before coating. The paint itself is elastic Normadur, which together with the pre-coating process provides an excellent surface finish.

FMG butterfly snow ploughs have similar changeable adapters as found on our areal ploughs, which make it possible to change the adapter fast when needed.

The new series of FMG snow ploughs is available with an even blade (standard), perforated blade, rubber perforated blade, rubber blade and hard metal blade. LED daytime running lights are available as an option. The ploughs are delivered with all the general fittings according to the customer order.

Technical specifications

Vieritä taulukkoa nähdäksesi sen kokonaan

ModelWidthHeightWorking widthWeight
PA300397 cm138 cm220-305 cm895 kg
PA330428 cm145 cm240-335 cm935 kg
PA360458 cm152 cm260-365 cm975 kg
PA390489 cm159 cm285-395 cm1040 kg

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