Tractor Pulled Grader –

combination of tractor and pulled grader replaces an expensive motor graders


FMG road graders are excellent and economical solutions for maintaining gravel roads. Road graders can be pulled by medium or large agricultural tractors and steered by joystick using the tractor’s hydraulics. Joystick control enables all necessary adjustments, such as downgrading, lifting and lowering. A balancing rod helps maintain the optimal adjustment. A hydraulically operated stone rake is available as an option. All FMG tractor pulled road graders have a wheel packer that compresses the graded surface immediately, preventing over drying of the surface material.

All the wings on pulled graders are attached to the frame by screws, and the largest wing can be turned to the slush and ice removal position. Screwed wings facilitate deliveries from the factory, as the grader can be loaded onto standard lorries.

FMG’s range of pull-type road graders consists of four models for different size roads and tractors. The smallest model is the TLN250, which is ideal for 3-4.5 m wide roads. The TLN370 is suitable for 3,5 – 5 m wide roads, the TLN430 for 5-6 m wide roads and the TLN570 for roads up to 7 m wide. The recommended minimum power for the pulling tractor is 120 hp and recommended weight from 5000 kg to 8000 kg depending on the grader model and desired working depth. It is important that the size of the grader is suitable for the road in order to achieve optimal downgrading. The correct profile for the road surface helps prevent damage after heavy rains, for example.

FMG’s range of pull-type road graders offers a lot of extra equipment and blade options according to the customer’s needs.

Joystick control makes road levelling easy and precise, and it is also easy to learn how to operate. Normally, the joystick is connected to the armrest of the tractor, but it can also be connected to the side panel. Smooth and precise movements are made possible by proportional valves, which are located in the control box in the front right corner of the road grader. The same box also contains the processor, which is mounted with smooth rubber dampers to prevent heavy vibration from the frame.

Joystick control is possible with different kinds of hydraulics, but the most efficient alternative is power beyond hydraulics. In tractors with advanced hydraulics (such as Valtra Smart Touch models) there is no need for separate joystick control, as the tractor’s own precise hydraulics can be used.

A edge cutter is now available for all road graders  as an option. It has two working position: for cutting edge and for the moving lost gravel from the side to middle of road. The edge cutter can be retrofitted to all road draggers model.

Technical specifications

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ModelWorking widthWorking width with extension wingLenghtBladesWeightEngagement
TLN250250 cm290 cm670 cm42700 kgVetokoukku
TLN370275 cm310 cm855 cm43750 kgVetokoukku
TLN430310 cm350 cm890 cm44420 kgVetokoukku
TLN570350 cm370 cm940 cm45800 kgVetokoukku

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