Center mounted scraper / underbody scraper

FMG’s ST hook lift trailers now also have a center mounted scraper.

FMG’s ST hook lift trailers now also have a center mounted scraper / underbody scraper.

The purpose of the underbody scraper of the trailer is to maintain the condition of the road and level the road during transport. Levelling of the road during transport saves from the extra trips and keeps the road in good condition all the time. Small roads, which are especially loaded during the high season, can be kept in better condition without special actions to keep the traffic smooth. The blade is raised and lowered with hydraulics from the tractor cabin. When the blade is on up position, the trailer has normal ground clearance and it has the same driving characteristics. The scraper has mechanical operated extensions, that extend the blade 50 cm to every side. The scraper also has the manual swivel  (22⁰ left/right), which allows to set the blade in wanted position. Hydraulically operated swivel is available as an option.  The unerbody scraper can be retrofitted to all FMG ST hook lift trailers.

Overwidth signs are available for the rear part of the trailer to warn other traffic when the extensions are outside.


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Working width260 – 275 cm
Working width with extensions360 – 375 cm
Height of the wing47 cm
Turning angle22⁰
Weight795 kg

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