Bucket Street Sweeper

multi-purpose bucket street sweeper

FMG’s bucket street sweeper has been designed as a multi-purpose sweeper. In addition to normal road and street sweeping, the bucket sweeper is excellent for quickly cleaning large covered areas, such as parking garages at shopping centers. The bucket can be used to collect larger objects first, followed by a final cleaning with the sweeper.

The advantages of the bucket sweeper include a large tank and close positioning to the tractor, allowing it to be used also with smaller tractors. Bucket sweepers are ideal for unloading the swept material into trucks or trailers.

FMG bucket sweepers can also be equipped with a separate container and washer as on open sweepers. In the working position, the bucket floats on rear rubber wheels and a front steel blade.

FMG bucket street sweepers have a side sweeper on one or both sides. The side sweeper has a hydraulically operated frame with suspension that enables precision sweeping close to paving stones. The side sweepers can be turned mechanically to the forward or reverse sweeping position, providing multiple sweeping alternatives. Each side sweeper provides 0.5 m of additional working width, and the side sweepers can be used at the same time or separately. The side sweeper package can also be mounted on existing bucket sweepers.

Technical specifications

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ModelWidthHeightWorking widthWater tankBrush diaWeightBucket volume
KH160Light180 cm108 cm160 cmx70 cm440 kg470 / 260 ltr
KH160180 cm108 cm160 cm150 l70 cm520 kg845 / 460 ltr
KH200220 cm108 cm200 cm150 l70 cm730 kg1100 / 600 ltr
KH240260 cm108 cm240 cm150 l70 cm815 kg1300 / 740 ltr
KH260280 cm108 cm260 cm150 l70 cm860 kg1460 / 800 ltr

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