New articulated plough with throwing wings!

FMG NAH350 is suitable for opening roads to deep snow, cleaning roads, yards and terminals. The plough is multi-purpose. Articulated plough is ideal for collecting, ploughing snow and moving snow to the edges of yards. The plough at V-position is suitable for collection snow from yards, parking places and terminals. The plough at Y-position is suitable for the forest roads and sidewalks.

Blades are equipped with spring suspension so they will bend back when hitting to obstacle and they are in optimum angle to make plough stabile.

Articulated plough is also equipped with a special floating adapter that is easy to change according to needs.

As optional are available extension wings to improve the throwing properties of plough.

The plough can be equipped with even blade (standard), perforated or rubber perforated blade. Also electric valve  and LED daytime running lights are available as optional.

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ModelWidthHeightWorking width Weight
NAH350350 cm110 cm285 – 350 cm860 kg
NAH320320 cm110 cm260 – 320 cm820 kg
NAH275275 cm110 cm225 – 275 cm780 kg