Rear Collecting Snow Plough


FMG rear collecting ploughs are ideal for cleaning areas where snow must be collected quickly and accurately, for example from parking areas and yards. Rear collecting ploughs enable snow to be collected precisely near walls and doors, where other ploughs cannot be operated.

Rear collecting snow ploughs are available with hydraulic pressure control, as on FMG scrapers. This enables the blade to follow surface fluctuations accurately, making slush and ice removal much more effective.

The minimum width of rear collecting snow ploughs is as wide as the tractor and the maximum working width is 400 cm. The width can be adjusted hydraulically.

Blade options include even blade (standard), perforated blade*, rubber perforated blade* and tooth blade*. Optional equipment includes an electric valve*, hydraulic pressure control* and LED daytime running lights*.

*Optional equipment

Technical specifications

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ModelWidthHeightWorking widthWeight
KTA250/400250 cm110 cm250-400 cm1050 kg

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